During 2014, we will be covering all the Lazy River MX races, including the Youth Regional. We will be printing Trophy Pix for the top 7 in all amateur classes and you will be able to buy all your pix right here within a few days of each event. Thank you for supporting ZDC Photos!!

If you are on Facebook, make sure you lookup our page and hit the Like button to stay connected. Just search Facebook pages for ZDC Photography. You can also become a friend on my personal page. Just look for Zack Cummings and send me a friend request. You never know when you might get a cool picture of yourself posted on your wall.

Key Points when ordering:
1) 99% of the images are downsized/low rez to reduce upload time. You will get a warning when purchasing prints 8x10 or larger that the image isn't big enough for that size print. Never Fear, I will be notified of your order and will upload the Full Size Version before it is printed.
2) 99% are NOT EDITED! I will edit after you place your order and upload the finished version(s) before print! I will also edit upon request if you want to see the finished product before dropping the cash. This is not a problem and I would be the same way! 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed! Look at the Before and After examples in the Featured Section. I try to shoot a little on the darker side so I don't loose detail. Those are the easiest to make look NICE!
3) You have the option to crop the image how you want it printed or you can leave it up to me to handle while I am editing your order. Either way is good!
4) All orders require my approval. Nothing get's printed or downloaded until I approve and upload the full version picture/file. The end result will be PERFECT!

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